Insulating materials

Tapes and braids for banding

Polyester bands
Glassfibre tape, 119827
Isoglas H0720 binding tape
Vulcanizing silicone band

Insulating tapes for high voltage machines

Calmicaglas, insulating tapes
Calmicaflex, insulating tapes
Feinmicaglas 2596 tapes
Isoseal P 0713, insulating tapes
Votafilm 2645 and TPB 2101 release film
EGSB 0483

Slot closures for electric motors

Fiberglass slot wedges
Slot closures

Insulating sleeves

Siligaine 15C3
Siligaine 24C1
Silicone rubber sleeves, DIN 40620
Trivapur GU
Vidaflex S350
Vidaflex 944


Prespan PSP 3050
Prespan PSP 3055

Insulating films and laminates

Kapton polyamide films
Voltaflex 6642 DMD
Isonom NMN 0881, NMN 0883 insulating films
Nomex 410 and 411 insulating films
NKN insulating films 0886, 0887
Voltaflex interphase insulating films 2526
NMN 2035 & NKN 2039 interphase insulating films


Viledon H1030 polyester interphase insulating films
Viledon H1062 polyester felt
Viledon H1162, Nomexhuopa
Viledon H1607 phase insulation

Mylar A

Mylar A
Basic information
Electrical properties
Physical properties
Chemical properties
Optical properties
UV properties

Bakelite and glassfibre products

Voltis HP 2061, phenolic paper laminates
Voltis HGW 2082 phenolic cotton laminate
Durostone UPM 203 – GPO 3
Isoval 11 – G11
Contaval 2017
Magnoval 2067
Phenolic cotton roids
Phenolic paper tubes
Laminates cutting and machining services


Heat resistant tapes
Dispenser for tapes
SES marking tape

Mica products

Mica plates
Mica tubes

All product groups